Shower Installation, Bathtub Installation, Flooring, Tiling, Counters, Stone, Lighting, Additions

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Your bathroom ought to be a place of inspiration in the morning and relaxation at night. It is a place to step into for some peace and serenity. Treat your mind. Have it mirror your unique and meaningful style. Your day starts and ends here, so make it set a positive tone. We use our extensive experience in bathroom renovation to provide you with the knowledge, resources and skills to fulfill your vision.


Complete Bathroom Remodeling & Bathroom Renovation

Tub Installation (clawfoot, freestanding, skirted, corner, drop-in, undermount)

Walk-In Shower Installation

Sink Installation (drop-in, top-mounted, freestanding)

Flooring Installation (tile, hardwood, marble, concrete, etc…)

Countertop Installation (marble, granite, tile, quartz, treated cement, porcelain)

Faucet & Shower Fixture Installation

Light Fixture Installation (vanity lighting, chandeliers, night light, wall sconces)

Mirror Installation or Replacement 

Visual + Structural...

Bathroom Remodeling can spring from a number of reasons:

1) Desire for visual beautification 

2) Need for a different arrangement

3) Discovery of structural issues 

(wood rot, mildew damage, pest destruction)